Benefits of Outsourcing Prospecting Efforts


Is your investment in lead generation getting you the results you expected?

Does your team have the time, dedication, skillset and resources for a demanding lead generation program?

If not, you should consider outsourcing your prospecting efforts to a reputable B2B call center.

Through client feedback we’ve compiled the top benefits of outsourcing your prospecting efforts:

Cost Reduction: Studies have shown that an experienced B2B call center makes a higher volume of calls than companies who choose to perform these tasks themselves. As a result, calls made by a call center can reduce overall costs per call as opposed to an internal team often by one-third to half.

Consistency: Quality and effectiveness of the communication is paramount to success, a good call center will work with you to strategically design a script, then train and coach staff to deliver the message and uncover opportunities.

Focus: Finding the right person, qualifying the prospect and delivering your message, it can take hundreds of calls to uncover a handful of qualified leads. Investing in a reputable B2B organization means you’re finding the experienced people for the task and asking them to focus solely on it.

Prospecting, selling and account management can require three different skillsets; they are three distinct disciplines and may not be effectively handled by one person.

By entrusting a B2B prospecting call center with your lead generation, you are relying on seasoned professionals who are goal-oriented and experienced in the art of prospecting.

For years, York Consulting has been successfully fulfilling this obligation for a variety of companies across many verticals.

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