The Financial Benefit of Using a Business-to-Business Call Center


Have you ever considered using a Business-to-Business (B2B) call center to outsource your prospecting calls, but talked yourself out of it because you think your sales reps do it in-house at less cost? What if we told you that by outsourcing your calls to a B2B call center, you’d actually be saving money? 

As an experienced B2B call center, we at York Consulting are able to make a higher volume of calls than your sales team, at a fraction of the cost. In fact, our cost per call is usually one-third to one-half of those of in-house inside sales people, and even less when compared to calls made by outside sales representatives.

How do we do this? Making calls is our people’s only responsibility. There are no quotes, proposals, customer emergencies, or other distractions that reduce call volume. We are optimized to conduct calls on a large scale because of our call management systems. In addition to the number of calls, we track call lengths, the time between calls, call results, and more. And we never miss a call-back. On the other hand, we find that while our clients’ customer relationship management (CRM) software is effective for managing customers and prospects in the pipeline, these systems are typically not designed to manage a high volume of prospecting calls.

Our clients, large and small, tell us that recruitment, training, supervision, benefits, vacation, tech support, and turnover are usually hard costs for them when they are comparing internal costs to outsourcing.

Although there are costs to hiring a B2B call center, our dedication to calls and specialized software means we can provide a cost per call lower than almost every comparable in-house environment. As a result, your cost per lead is also lower.  

Experience the financial benefits of working with a B2B call center for yourself by contacting York Consulting today.


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