3 Steps to Nurturing Qualified Leads

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As discussed in previous blogs, prospecting is about more than just getting leads. If a lead does not stem from the appropriate target audience for your business, the lead is unqualified. But what happens when you do receive a qualified lead? Are you properly prepared to take it to the next step of the sales cycle?

While nurturing a qualified lead is not difficult, it requires strategy, process and patience.

Luckily, we have compiled the steps you need to take to nurture your lead after making the initial call to them.

  1. Follow up promptly or as requested to address challenges or concerns of the prospect, re-affirming applicability of your product or services in meeting or exceeding their needs. Always ask for next steps in the prospects decision making process.
  1. Start to build a rapport with your prospect. Social media is a great multi-channel tool to build relationships with qualified leads. Your company’s social presence provides credibility to a prospect and can even sway their decision when encountering a positive review of your company online.
  1. Attempting to time manage hundreds of leads can lead to overlooked details. Leverage your customer relationship management (CRM) software to help ensure dates and actions are scheduled for an effective follow-up process. Keep your nurtured leads active.

Nurturing a qualified lead requires strategies that ensure constant follow-up interactions to convert a prospect into a customer. Building individual rapports with countless leads can be an unmanageable task for a business.

Trusting a professional B2B call centre like York Consulting can alleviate the pressure of having to nurture hundreds of qualified leads, providing your sales team with much more time and energy to close deals.



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