B2B Trade Show Lead Generation and Follow-up

Trade shows are expensive, time-consuming and exhausting.

To make them worthwhile, you have to follow up.

Unless you call all the people who visited your booth, you can’t know who’s a potential customer, and who just wanted to win the iPad!

The problem is, those who are asked to follow up are either too busy, or find it so distasteful they just won’t do it.

That’s where York Consulting comes in. Our B2B call center will quickly follow up with every one of your booth visitors to determine how interested they are in your company by:

  • Calling to thank them for visiting your booth and their interest in your company.
  • Learning about their needs, purchasing authority, budget, and timing.
  • Immediately responding to their information requests.
  • Qualifying them and providing you with leads and/or appointments.
  • Staying in touch with longer-term prospects as their interests and needs develop.

For example, an equipment manufacturer recently provided us with a list of 627 visitors to their booth. After York Consulting’s team followed up, 330 contacts were qualified, resulting in 115 requests for a sales call for new equipment or an upgrade. 22 requested additional information, and 203 were qualified into long-term nurture programs.

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