Do You Have a Safety Net for Your Business?

Here is what I mean by that! We talked to a sales manager that was recently hired, and he discovered that his new company was losing track of prospects. He was going through the company’s call data, and he saw that calls were being made, but if the prospect didn’t call back, or said not [ … ]

The magic of the human voice in marketing & selling

Talking face to face to someone, in marketing & selling, is becoming more prevalent these days. Despite what seemed like a cultural shift towards dependence on digital marketing for contacting, and engaging with other businesses, the power of the human voice is on the rise once more. Because of the many technological innovations, over the [ … ]

Digital ads are a desperate gamble in a fantasy economy!

That was a headline in the Financial Post, late last year. If you’ve ever invested your company’s money in digital advertising, or have thought about it, than this article will be of interest to you. It goes on to state that “the digital advertising industry is about as useful as making medical decisions by shaking [ … ]

Most companies struggle with prospecting – how you can change that!

As a business person, you need new business. You also know that it takes a lot of time to develop the right skills to grow the base. You must either hire people with these skills and train them, or outsource the activity to an experienced company. Here is a real life example from one of [ … ]

The 3 Most Effective Opening Statements for Sales Prospecting and Cold Calling

I’m sure you’ve been on the receiving end of B2B lead generation and appointment setting calls and heard this… “Hiiiiiiiii, it’s Bob Smith from ABC Co. Howyadoingtoday?” Exaggerated – a bit. But you know it’s a sales call, right? You want to hang up now, right? Of course you do! Nobody is that happy, or [ … ]

4 ideas to get your sales and prospecting ready for the fall.

We all know that summer is a time for relaxation, and not having too much stress with our jobs. But because of these two things, summer is also a great time to increase your productivity. Reaching customers, and prospects, during the summer is more difficult than the rest of the year because they may be [ … ]

Do prospects ask you, how are you different?

It’s not easy to be different in B2B. Most of our clients are among the leaders in their fields. Some of them really do have a technological edge or a unique product, but most of them look pretty much the same as their competition. Most B2B companies don’t have the megabucks ad campaigns where the [ … ]

How a call center works with your sales and marketing strategy

Many of our clients have never used a call center for sales appointment setting or lead generation, so it’s no surprise to us when they’re not sure how we can fit with their current sales and marketing efforts. We spoke with some of our clients, and we also checked with some of the more respected [ … ]

How We Help the Channel Business Model

We often get inquiries about what types of business models we serve. We serve all types of B2B businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are in a traditional type of business that sells direct to the end user, or if you sell through channels such as Distributor, Reseller, Dealer, VAR, etc. Salesforce states that 75% [ … ]

5½ Ideas for Prospecting Success

As you begin 2022, one of the first areas that most companies focus on is growing their business by getting new clients. And so, the discussion revolves around how do you prospect in the best way possible? Many of your salespeople will probably be busy servicing your current clients, and yet you want new clients. [ … ]

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