B2B Appointment Setting and Lead Generation

When starting a program, we’ll help you carefully select the criteria that define who you want to target and where.

We’ll collaborate with you to identify relevant contacts, and write a script that will help our team communicate your message.

1. Targeting your market. We can help you select:

  • The vertical markets that respond best to a calling program.
  • The size of the company you wish to approach.

2. Database set-up.

We acquire and assemble new lists—or supplement your existing lists—and set up a custom database for your program.

3. Identification of relevant contacts.

We identify the key decision-makers you want us to speak to.

Contacts may be determined by title—CIO, Director of Finance, etc.—or by area of responsibility, which may not be readily obvious from their title, i.e., the person in charge of productivity may be the Plant Manager, the Head of Operations, or the Quality Control Manager.

4. Script preparation and approval.

With your input and the information you provide, we’ll prepare the first draft of your telephone script, which will briefly introduce your company, describe your products and services, and highlight your value proposition.

5. Presentation.

York Consulting phones the decision-makers using the script we’ve developed with you.

6. Opportunity qualification.

If the decision-maker meets your minimum qualifying criteria, we set an appointment or generate a lead.

7. Appointment scheduling.

We assign the appointments to your salespeople by territory and/or vertical markets.

Meetings can occur:

  • In person at your customer’s location.
  • Over the internet in a web meeting, on-line demonstration, or presentation.
  • By telephone conference call.

If you’re traveling out of town, York Consulting can arrange multiple appointments in your destination cities.

8. Reporting.

As appointments and leads are generated, York Consulting will send them directly to your sales representatives and support staff following an internal quality review, usually the next day.

Appointment information can also be imported into your contact management or CRM software.

In addition, monthly summaries are provided.

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