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Our People

Our recruitment process is much more than an interview. With the help of a third-party service, we assess prospective employees’ sales skills, including their ability to hunt for new prospects, sell, and relate to people.

They undergo a live-voice test to evaluate their ability to engage contacts by phone.

When they pass these two tests, they’re trained on the basics: how to get past gatekeepers, how to qualify prospects, how to present, etc.

But most important, they learn how to disarm and positively engage cold call contacts.

We do not outsource overseas. All of our people are full-time employees who work in our office, and speak clear, unaccented English.

Your Program

Although every client and client program is different, we follow standard procedures relating to program specifications, and who the correct contacts are.

Your Script

Your script will follow a time-tested structure and include the information your prospects need to know about you. Every B2B lead generation and cold calling script is tailored to reflect your brand, your company’s personality, and the business issues that your products solve.

Your Appointments and Leads

Using our 23-item quality control checklist, we verify every appointment and lead to make sure your company is professionally represented, your contact’s title and area of responsibility is correct, the opportunity meets your qualifying criteria, our documentation—consisting of responses to questions and other information—is accurate.

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