York Consulting Inc.
B2B Call Center Specialists

In his former role as a business-to-business marketing consultant, Jay Plesner, President of York Consulting, was frequently asked by clients to find call centers that could effectively and consistently execute projects in a timely manner.

Frustrated by years of working with under-performing call centers, Jay decided to establish his own.

Since 2000, York Consulting grew quickly to become one of the leading call centers specializing in technology, software, manufacturing, and many other business-to-business markets.

York Consulting services clients across North America, providing sales and marketing support to an elite list of companies, many of them world leaders in their fields.

Over the years, York Consulting has pioneered strategies to elicit the most from every call.

Within just a few hours of a marketing campaign’s commencement, we can usually learn enough to suggest ways of increasing the effectiveness of every call thereafter.

If we can find a better way of attracting a prospect’s attention or introducing an additional product, feature, service, technology or idea, we’ll do it! And add value to your company’s marketing program.

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