Customer and Market Surveys

There’s nothing like a relaxed, one-on-one phone conversation to help prospects open up and say what they really think and feel about your company.

Through these conversations, a customer survey will give you a clearer picture of how end-users and management view your products, and how they feel about the level of service they’re receiving from your sales, engineering, and customer service people.

In addition, you’ll understand how their needs are evolving, which may suggest ways for you to enhance the next version of your product.

That’s a whole lot better than clicking on a scale from 1 to 10.

For example, a software manufacturer asked York Consulting to determine how well customers were using their program.

We found that of the 675 customers surveyed, 428 didn’t install the additional software modules because they thought they would be too difficult to learn, or they didn’t appreciate their benefits. With so many customers not using the additional features, the manufacturer was in danger of losing users to an inferior, lower priced competitive product.


  • 266 customers who were under-utilizing the additional features, enrolled in training programs, workshops and user groups.
  • The remaining 162 customers that were using the module asked to be kept up to date with the product features through email.
  • The manufacturer revised its procedures to include additional support for these modules and made sure the users were provided with enough introductory training to overcome any resistance to using them.

Market Survey

Health Care Services

A laboratory services provider asked York Consulting for a market survey to identify the demand for laboratory tests in the alternative health care market.

We surveyed 823 health care business owners.


  • Approximately 49% were currently submitting test samples to various laboratories on a weekly basis, justifying the laboratory’s entry into this market.
  • Additionally, York Consulting uncovered many service and turnaround issues, showing that the market was poorly serviced.

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