B2B Web Lead Qualification and Follow-up

From what we’ve observed, many valuable prospects are never reached.

Understandably, sales representatives, dealers and distributors simply don’t have the time or desire to make a large number of follow-up calls to unqualified people.

York Consulting’s B2B call center quickly follows up and qualifies web leads by:

  • Warm Calling your contacts to thank them for their interest in your company.
  • Learning about their needs, purchasing authority, budget, and timing.
  • Immediately responding to their need for information.
  • Qualifying them and providing you with leads and/or appointments.
  • Staying in touch with longer-term prospects as their interests and needs develop.

For example, a software company recently gave us a list of 2,312 inquiries generated from their company’s website and their marketing campaigns. After York Consulting’s team followed up with IT Managers and division heads, we qualified 379 contacts, resulting in 194 onside/web meeting appointments, and 44 leads. 141 were qualified into long-term nurture programs.

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