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Is your sales team
or channel wasting
too much time on
unqualified leads?
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Are your salespeople
or dealers/partners
not making enough
cold calls?
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Are you struggling
to reach enough key
decision makers?
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Are you still relying
on short sales
cycle tactics for
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Are you missing
an opportunity
in your existing
customer base?

York Consulting Inc.

York Consulting is a business-to-business call center that sets appointments and generates leads to put qualified business in your sales pipeline.

One phone call from York can give you a more accurate picture of your prospect’s concerns, initiatives, priorities, plans, timelines, and budgets at a depth not possible with any other medium, including electronic marketing and social media.

But most importantly, York will get a commitment from your prospect to meet with you face to face.

We’ll work with your company to drive immediate- and long-term activity to your sales pipeline. Your people will get in front of a lot more new prospects when we help you generate leads, set appointments, revive dormant accounts, and qualify web inquiries and trade show visits.

B2B Appointment Setting and Lead Generation

When you’re looking for an appointment-setting and lead-generation program, you want to be sure that you’ve chosen a company that has a positive reputation in the industry.

Our clients will tell you that York Consulting provides valuable advice and delivers on their commitments. Our 17 years’ experience in appointment setting and lead generation includes calling into almost every B2B market, and speaking with almost every type of contact from CEO to supervisor.

“You guys have done a fantastic job in generating leads and new business, but you have also outpaced our ability to keep up. I have always believed in your program and you have significantly exceeded my expectations.” R.L. President
Instrumentation company
Huntsville, AL

B2B Call Center

Selling B2B is always a challenge. Understanding your sales cycles and the buying patterns of your markets is not enough. You must also identify key decision-makers, connect with them, and then clearly and concisely present the benefits of doing business with you.

“Big companies, great contacts on this kind of tough, tough call. This has got to be a record. I consider it the equivalent of the NY Yankees winning 5 World Series in a row. Simply amazing!” M.L., Marketing Director
IT and Managed Services company,
Houston, TX

B2B Web Lead Qualification and Follow-up

Understandably, sales representatives, dealers and distributors simply don’t have the time or desire to make a large number of follow-up calls to unqualified people, so many valuable prospects are never reached. York Consulting calls and qualifies them and then provides you with leads and/or appointments by learning about their needs, purchasing authority, budget, and timing.

“The contact rate is by far the biggest gain. The second biggest gain is that we’ve moved the qualified conversion rate from 10% to 40%, which is a big deal! Your team’s quality of data has been top-notch, your QC/QA is very clean, and your response time has been very good…. Your team is so much more efficient, the cost per deliverable is actually lower.” D.E. Marketing Manager,
Manufacturing company,
Greensboro, NC

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