Checking in With Our Clients: Baker Hughes


At York Consulting, we take pride in the working relationships we form with our clients. Here’s the story of how our lead generation expertise alleviated some of workload from the sales team at Baker Hughes:

Baker Hughes is a General Electric company (BHGE) that custom designs and manufactures products for power generation, marine, and industrial corporations across North America. One product of particular importance to their clients is the gearbox, for which BHGE provides field service and parts.

Since BHGE purchased Lufkin Industries five years ago, they were concerned that Lufkin gearboxes weren’t being serviced often enough, or serviced to their standards. This was an important matter to BHGE because there was an estimated tens of thousands of gearboxes in question. BHGE’s Sales Manager, Andy Marque says, “We have 10 direct sales people and channel partners, but Canada and the US are large markets.” For this reason, they looked to York Consulting to reach out to gearbox owners and operators across the continent for servicing opportunities. Based on the success of the first program, BHGE came back to York Consulting to reach more of the market.

By partnering with York Consulting, the BHGE name was introduced to prospects that would have never known the benefits of BHGE’s service. “Half the people they contacted didn’t even know who we were,” Marque says.

Marque describes their experience with York Consulting as, “responsive, and [they] did a good job of providing details on a lot of leads. I still have a list of opportunities that they provided.” He also recognizes that our staff have the time and experience needed to alleviate the workloads of valuable sales representatives. “For what we asked [York Consulting] to do, they can do it faster and with better coverage than we could have provided. I would definitely hire them again.”

We look forward to working with BHGE again in the future and assisting in their continuing growth. If you would like to know more about how York Consulting can help you better reach your markets, contact us today.

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