Make Cold Calling Work for You


How many times have you had to remind your sales reps to complete their cold calling lists? Five times? Ten? Fifty? As a sales leader, it can be highly frustrating needing to stay on top of your team all the time, over what may seem like a straightforward task. You encourage your sales reps on a regular basis to do more cold calling, and you can see that they’re trying and may even be successful for a day or two, but the habit never sticks. Based on this, you may conclude that cold calling doesn’t work. But is it really cold calling that doesn’t work, or is it the approach your team is using that isn’t working?

Your sales reps may understand the importance of cold calling, but it’s much easier for them to focus on the clients they are already familiar with.  Consequently, they may feel unmotivated to step out of their comfort zone to conduct their cold calls. If this is the case, it could translate as discomfort through the phone.

Also, since your sales reps are so comfortable with their existing positive client relationships, the frequent rejection that often comes with cold calling can severely impact their morale. This, in turn, not only makes cold calling difficult, but it can also demoralize them in other areas of their work.

With the help of a B2B call center such as York Consulting, you can increase the effectiveness and success rate of your cold calling efforts. Our employees are trained to positively engage contacts by phone. At York Consulting Inc., we cold call clients every day, we enjoy it, and we produce results.  Contact us today to start seeing a difference!

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