The Missing Ingredient: How to Use Referrals While Prospecting

June - Referral Blog

The best compliment an employer can get is lead generation through referrals. Having a client love what you do and wanting the rest of their network to know about it is a feeling like no other. Not only are they validating what a great service you have provided, but they are also spreading the word on your brand. But can prospecting be a time to consider asking for referrals? Absolutely!

Studies have shown businesses are 6 times more likely to close a sale to a lead that has been referred to them. Customers feel more comfortable working with a business that they have a “connection” to, even if it’s through a friend, family member or business acquaintance. Calling a referral is different than calling someone you don’t know. It is a friendly conversation built on a commonality – you have a mutual connection. So when was the last time you asked for a referral during a prospecting call?

Here are some ways you can adjust your prospecting strategy to generate new leads from referrals:

  1. Come out and ask!
    If you have already had a conversation and transformed a lead into a client, simply ask them, “Would you be willing to refer someone to us who may need our services?” It is a proactive approach to prospecting, and think of the possibilities if all of your clients knew even one person or business that could use your service.
  1. Taking the compliment further
    When a client expresses their gratitude for your incredible service, it is an open door. Thank them and ask if they know of anyone else who would appreciate amazing service. Clients refer only those who have outdone themselves in what they offer. A closed sale is a new lead in the making!
  1. Check in again

Have you followed up lately with a previous customer? Following up with them, even if time has passed, has two-fold benefits: they may need your services again, and are a good source for referrals if you ask.

Most people enjoy helping others they know, value and trust, and providing an endorsement establishes a connection prior to your prospecting call. If you have solved a problem of theirs, or gone above and beyond, that client could easily provide referrals. Take the leap and ask for a referral every time you finish a conversation or receive a compliment. For nearly 20 years, York Consulting has mastered the art of prospecting. Contact us today and put our experience to work for you!

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