But My Niche Business Is too Technical for You to Help Us


As an expert on your business’s specialized products and services, you may feel that a Business-to-Business (B2B) call center wouldn’t be able to understand or accurately convey valuable information to your tech-savvy customers or other niche markets. At York Consulting, we have actually heard many businesses express these and similar concerns regarding the complexities of their industry.

To help ease your mind, here are the top three concerns our niche clients have:

1) “No one else can relay the technicalities of my business.”

You’re right. You and your sales representatives are best equipped to sell the detailed, technical nature of your business. However, our goal is to find you the opportunity to get in front of your prospects. To do this, all we need is an overview of your business and how your product or service can benefit the prospect. After we reach the decision-maker and set up an appointment for your sales team, it is up to your representatives to provide the more technical details of your business.

2) “I already know everyone in the industry.”

Industries are constantly changing; every day, decision-makers change jobs and companies and are replaced by ones who have possibly never heard of your business. Unless contact is made on a regular basis, you may be unaware when a prospect’s executive hierarchy changes. At York Consulting, we have the persistence you need to always stay on top of your prospects.

Even if you do know of everyone in your industry, do they know you? Are you on a first-name basis with each of them? Working with a B2B call center can help you build personalized relationships with your prospects.   

3) “All of my prospects rely on contract bids.”

Would you like to know about that bid before it hits the street? We can find out the issues of your prospects, discover initiatives in the works to resolve those issues, and often have you involved early enough so you can help them write the specs.

By staying in regular contact with your market and your prospects, you can discover their upcoming proposal needs before your competitors.

How much tech can we handle?

Here are just a few examples of successful calling campaigns we have completed for our clients that had initial concerns about our ability to represent them:

  • Engineering design software for structural, civil, mechanical, manufacturing and factory layout
  • Automated robotic disinfection devices for medical facilities
  • Dynamic and fatigue testing, polarimeters, refractometers, and density meters
  • Universal titer boost for bio-production of monoclonal antibodies

The truth is, we have never encountered a product or service that is too technical or complex for us to handle. To discuss how York Consulting can help you develop new leads for your niche business, contact us today.

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