Prospecting for the New Business: 3 Keys to Success


Whether you have just started a new business, or have been in business or sales for many years, prospecting clients is where the sales cycle starts.  However, when it comes time to start making those calls, well, it can be a daunting task.  The fear of rejection or not knowing how to start the conversation are often the reasons that business owners and sales representatives refrain from making those calls.

Successful prospecting is all in the planning. Talking on the phone with a prospect can be intimidating and not everyone is a natural. Creating a plan to ease the pursuit and allow for a smooth conversation can help you land the prospect.

Here are 3 tips to help you through making those prospecting calls:

1. Create a script. Think about what type of questions you are asked when potential clients call you and add these to your script. The script should include key questions that will guide your prospect in the direction you want – from prospect to client. Test the calls internally if you have the team to do so, or test it with smaller ‘test’ prospects. You’ll need to practice the script and fine tune it based on responses. Test the script until you can say it comfortably and it addresses potential responses. A solid script will help to guarantee higher successes.

2. Are they the right customer? It’s natural to want as many customers as possible, but hold off on calling everyone and make sure you are calling the right customer for you. Although your list may include some prospects that are ‘less likely’ to buy, make sure that your final call list includes a good mix of both the right customer and the ‘maybe’ customer. Take the time to establish what your ideal customer looks like. Is it a transactional, one-time user, or a business that would continuously use your services?

3. Don’t forget to follow-up. Once contact has been made with each prospect, ensure the proper follow-up is planned for. If there’s an actionable item to be made in the future, whether it’s a call back, information to be sent or anything else that may have been discussed as a deliverable, make note of it in your CRM. By following up with your prospect in a timely and appropriate manner, you’re reinforcing your professionalism while continuing to nurture the relationship.

Prospecting new clients is a continuous business operation and time and resources need to be dedicated to it to result in ongoing success. Consider hiring the expertise of our professional lead generation team at York Consulting to help get you started!

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