What is Your ROI on Sales Prospecting Calls?

shutterstock_444566596When you invest time and money to establish a sales call process with your sales team, the expectation is that it will be effective and produce results. But does it really?

You may see your sales reps making calls, and they may even be scheduling a decent number of appointments, but what is the exact return on investment of your team’s prospecting call efforts, and could it be better? When was the last time you calculated your ROI? Without regularly tracking the number of appointments and conversions made in relation to the number of calls, it may be difficult to notice if this is increasing or decreasing.

As a sales leader, you know that ROI is connected to more than just sales; being aware of your results also allows you to follow your team’s customer retention and data collection efforts. For continuous sales and growth within your department, it is essential that your reps document the details behind and results of every call and regularly communicate that information to you.

You may in fact be aware of your ROI, but it isn’t where you would like it to be. The reason for this could be that once your sales reps successfully schedule a meeting with a prospect, they stop calling and focus on preparing for the meeting. Meeting preparation is necessary, but it puts a pause on conducting further prospecting calls. Should the meeting not go to plan, your reps are back to square one and don’t have additional meetings to fall back on.

If you’re having difficulty determining your ROI, or if you don’t have the time to invest more into your sales development calling, it may be time to contact a professional service. With York Consulting, you get regular progress reports on your prospecting calls, giving you the data you need to assess your ROI.

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