Top 3 Benefits of a Customer Phone Survey

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A satisfied customer is more likely to remain loyal to your company and recommend your services to their network. But do you know why your clients stay with you or switch to a competitor? Conducting a phone survey is the most efficient and economical way to find out how satisfied your customers are.

Here are the top three benefits of conducting a customer phone survey:

  1. High response rate & deeper engagement. Clients are more likely to participate in a phone call than click through to answer a number of questions “on a scale of 1 to 10”. For example, if we were to ask them how they feel about your products or support, they will likely provide much more detail in a phone call than they would if they were to type into a box.

    Taking the time to call your clients for feedback is the easiest way to get results. No need to sign up with a survey provider or spend money on mailers – just prepare a set of questions and pick up the phone.  A phone call survey engages customers (and non-customers) at a depth not possible with email, on-line surveys or social media.

    Another benefit is that you are now implementing a new quality control measure that could save you money in the long haul.

  1. Increased customer appreciation and retention. Clients feel valued when companies take time from their day to ask them for their opinion. Asking for feedback gives the client the perception your company values them and is committed to a long-term partnership.

    This is also a chance to take any wrongs and turn them into rights. Many unsatisfied customers do not make a point to provide feedback to the business – they simply don’t return. They may also tell their friends and family about their dissatisfaction. If a call from your company gave them a chance to share feedback, this could be a golden opportunity to identify an issue and possibly “save” this customer.

    Also note that people are more likely to respond in a positive manner over the phone than if they were to fill out a mail or email survey.

  2. Competitor insights. If a client is considering switching providers, a phone call survey could be the key to getting them back on your side. It is also an opportunity to inquire about your competitors. Is there something more you could be offering?

Emails can go unanswered but a phone call is less likely to be ignored. Clients feel valued when companies take the time to obtain their feedback. Working with a phone call survey provider can offer the customer a chance to be candid with their responses. When working with a trained professional like the staff at York Consulting, you can achieve honest answers from clients. Contact us today to get the insight you need to grow and sustain your client base!

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