What Are You Doing to Wake Up Your Dormant Accounts?



Clients can come and go for any number of reasons: exhausted budgets, lack of resources, or poor CRM tracking, to name a few. When was the last time you checked in on your dormant accounts? Do you know exactly why they stopped conducting business with you and if they are likely to work with you again?

As a sales leader, it’s beneficial to know why some clients choose not to continue working with your company so you can improve your team’s future sales techniques and retention processes. Without knowing why accounts are going dormant, it would be quite difficult to pinpoint where to improve your efforts so you can prevent existing or future clients from going dormant as well. It is vital that your sales reps contact dormant accounts and regularly update you on their status.

Another reason to keep your dormant account list updated is so that your sales reps are prepared when making follow-up calls. You keep their files for a reason, but your team may place follow-ups on the backburner in order to prioritize tending to their active accounts. It makes sense to prefer guaranteed sales over clients that have presumably moved on, but when choosing to focus on landing new clients or reacquiring past clients, dormant accounts are the easier option because they already recognize who you are. And it’s important to regularly follow up with these clients because the longer accounts stay dormant, the less likely it is that they may conduct future business with your company.

Without a strict process in place to regularly reach out to dormant accounts, they will always remain dormant. Persistence is key to make sure your follow-ups stick in their minds. But does your team have the time to follow up several times a month until the phone is answered rather than ignored? If they do, are they giving enough attention to accounts that are already successful?

If your team is having difficulty finding a balance between reawakening dormant accounts and keeping active accounts happy, consider using a B2B call center to take some items off your plate. At York Consulting, we can help you organize a call campaign to revive dormant accounts. We’ll work with your company to drive immediate and long-term activity to your sales pipeline.

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