How York Consulting Helped Industrial Control Concepts Reach Their Market

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When setting his sights on taking his business to the next level, Industrial Control Concepts (ICC) Principal, Alex Alexandrov, was looking to connect with multiple contacts at larger organizations, and facilitate communication with decision-makers. “York Consulting knows the right thing to say to get you in front of the right people. You’re not likely to find a more skilled firm to do your telephone work.”

Since 2014, ICC has worked with York Consulting on multiple campaigns targeting their main industries, as well as the introduction of new product and service offerings. Alexandrov was impressed that York Consulting could follow the details of a highly technical script while in conversation with various levels of management and executives. The results were exactly what ICC was looking for.

In describing his experience working with York Consulting, Alexandrov says, “This is a no-brainer; York Consulting has everything we could ask for. After our sales team handled the leads, we found a strong increase in customers who we may not have been able to reach solely by our own means.”

When further evaluating their needs, Alexandrov was clear in terms of where ICC stood in its relationship with York Consulting. “This is absolutely the best company for our needs,” he said.  “We’ve obtained the leads we were looking for, and we’d not go anywhere else.”

ICC is an innovative engineering company offering customized solutions for process related manufacturing clients, including design-build services. They are committed to lasting success during all phases of production, even once the project is completed.

York Consulting Inc. caters to a diverse roster of clients, providing marketing support and establishing relationships with our clients by implementing ongoing campaigns to fit their business needs.

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