What Our Clients Are Saying About York Consulting Inc.’s Strength In Generating Qualified Leads


Generating qualified leads through in-house efforts had always presented a challenge for Larry Martin, Vice President of Marketing at one the leading laboratory instrument firms. With a small sales force covering 1600 accounts, Martin was finding that his sales team didn’t have the ability to personally reach new leads via phone.

“I wanted the ability to touch all of the customers I can identify,” says Martin. “I wanted to speak with them at least once per year. Although we would get to see about 600 of our prospects during the annual trade shows, you can’t make people come up to the booth. You have to find alternate ways of getting in touch with them.”

York Consulting Inc. had the solution by identifying and reaching out to decision-makers on Martin’s call list, targeting and pursuing leads that Martin and his sales team did not have the time to get in touch with beforehand.

“We once did a demo for a prospect, and after our pitch, the potential customer said that they would be ready to make a purchase within a couple of years,” says Martin. “York called, discovered the situation had changed, and they purchased within a month. If it weren’t for York Consulting, we might have missed out on this opportunity, and they could have gone to one of our competitors.”

Martin originally gave York Consulting a list of prospects, which York developed.

York also provided a list of additional prospects, and each week, they sent qualified, actionable leads to Martin’s sales team. The increase in leads created a corresponding increase in business, which is continuing into the current calendar year.

“There was a full coverage of our market, as well as direct ROI calculation,” says Martin. “It’s hard to find good people to do this, so we will continue to use York’s services for all of our calling needs.”

We will be continuing our project with Martin into the future, and look forward to more potential projects with his company. If you’d like to know more about how York Consulting Inc. can target your market and increase the number of leads for the sales team, contact us today.

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