Digital ads are a desperate gamble in a fantasy economy!

That was a headline in the Financial Post, late last year.

If you’ve ever invested your company’s money in digital advertising, or have thought about it, than this article will be of interest to you.

It goes on to state that “the digital advertising industry is about as useful as making medical decisions by shaking a Magic 8 Ball”. “Further, the returns on investment in digital marketing have been proven to be embarrassingly poor.”

Digital advertising was supposed to be the next miracle marketing cure, following the realization that relatively few people in B2B actually spent any time on their social media platform accounts and therefore were not there to read the content that marketers spent so much time preparing.

As a normal part of our day, we speak with many companies about their efforts to develop new prospects. While a number are doing or have done digital advertising, not one has told us they have had an increase in prospects, pipeline, or sales that justifies the expense of digital advertising. Not one.

There are many types of digital advertising, but it is mainly display advertising or banner advertising, usually an image with text, sometimes a video. You see these in may places on the internet – often when you are reading an online newspaper article.

This is not the same as Pay Per Click (PPC), where a number of (mainly text) ads are shown in response to a specific Google search.

Problems with digital advertising are not new. The Financial Post article refers to a number of other international books, papers and articles on this subject since 2019.

So if you’re not a top-of-mind consumer brand and if you’re not sure how much of an impact your budget can make in the $200billion+ North American digital advertising industry, now comes that age old question, “What can be done to generate more business, from your markets, prospects, clients, and past clients?”

We phone them!

One phone call from York can give you a more accurate picture of your prospect’s concerns, priorities, plans, timelines, and budgets, at a depth not possible with other media including digital advertising.

But most importantly, York will get a commitment from your prospect to meet with you face to face. Isn’t that a whole lot more useful than assigning this prospect a “lead score” based on what he’s done online, in an algorithm to suggest what ad he’d like to see next?

If your sales team is too busy to keep in touch with current and past customers, and also prospect for new customers, we can do the lead generation and sales appointment setting for you.

As you know, York Consulting helps companies with their outbound marketing campaigns with B2B lead generation and appointment setting.

We use the phone because we believe that the phone is the most effective way of getting new business, as well as keeping in touch with current and past customers.

In fact, when polled, the majority of executives say they would rather use the phone than communicate through other means.

Outbound campaigns, B2B lead generation, B2B appointment setting, customer outreach, revival and expansion is our business, and we’ve been at it for over 20 years.

We can qualify prospects and help get them into your sales pipeline.
We understand how to talk to a current customer to see if they could be buying more.
We know how to speak with a customer that has stopped buying and get them active again.

Before we can call for you, you need to call us!

The number is 416-410-2222. Call now, and in a few minutes we’ll both know how we can help you.

You’re also welcome to email us at, or to go directly to our contact page click here and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

There is no charge for this, and most companies learn a lot, just by talking to us.

So, don’t wait. ACT NOW. Your leads are waiting for you.

P.S. If you are interested you can access the Financial Post article here.

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