Do prospects ask you, how are you different?

It’s not easy to be different in B2B. Most of our clients are among the leaders in their fields. Some of them really do have a technological edge or a unique product, but most of them look pretty much the same as their competition.

Most B2B companies don’t have the megabucks ad campaigns where the branding can shine though and really set them apart. They almost certainly wouldn’t see a return on that expense, where most B2B companies define their prospect base as a few thousand compared to consumer brands with a market of many millions.

The prospect hears more or less the same from every potential supplier. Possibly, a different bell here, a new whistle there. Up against competition they win 20%, 30%, maybe 40% of the time, but it’s been difficult to change that percentage much at all.

Another way to be different is how you market your products and services. Most people today use social media as well as emails to get their message out.

However, social media is a very crowded space to get any message out, most people with social media accounts aren’t on the platform very often, Plus, as I’m sure you’ve discovered, people don’t usually open emails, especially from people they don’t know.

When a new client begins a B2B Appointment Setting program with us, we almost always prepare the calling list according to their preferred markets, territories, and company size – their sweet spot. We send that list to our client for review, to remove customers and prospects in the sales cycle, so we don’t call their customers and ask them if they’ve heard of XXX Company before. On average they identify about 5% as customers and active prospects. Yes, typically they have never been in contact with 95% of their market. Here are some examples:


Until they see this data, most of our clients believe they know their market very well. How much of your market do you really know? Would you like to know?
Call me or send me an email.
We will put some data together for you, as we usually do to see if a project is viable, and then you will know.

You may then choose to differentiate yourself from your competition by having us implement a B2B lead generation, or B2B appointment setting program for you.

We won’t try to make you different by changing your marketing, your logo, or your products. We know you’ve invested a lot of time and resources to get to where you are today.

Reaching out to hundreds or thousands of prospects, that don’t know anything about you, will make you stand out from your competition.

So, why not let us do your prospecting for you?

Here’s what we do that differentiates us, and helps you!

We are an outbound call center, and we’ve been at it for over 20 years.

  1. We understand how to get past a gatekeeper and to the right person, and we have learned techniques to do that.
  2. Most salespeople don’t make enough calls to reach a contact. It takes an average of 8 calls and easily up to 15 touches to reach someone.
  3. Through much trial and error, we have found the best voice mail messages to leave, that get people to call us back.
  4. Our call volume is always much greater than sales representatives’ because this is our business.
  5. We have over 20 years of experience in writing effective scripts.
  6. Because cold calling is all we do, we keep finding better ways to use it, to give you the results you need.

Let’s face it, most salespeople really don’t have time for cold calling. Their time is better used by engaging current customers and developing opportunities.

So, what can you do to get new customers, and even get back in touch with past customers?

You can let us make those cold calls for you.

Salesforce has found that response to a calling program is 27 times greater than email.

And while your salespeople are keeping your current clients happy, and trying to close deals that are already in the works, we can start a campaign for you that will fill in these gaps, and speak with many of your prospects that aren’t active in other media.

That is what we do best, B2B appointment setting and lead generation for your salespeople, with your prospects.

We guarantee that every lead and appointment will be qualified to your specifications.

We’ve been doing it for over 20 years. So, we’re pretty good at it.

Are you ready to initiate change for the better?

Contact us today and we will get back to you ASAP, to discuss your needs and how we might help you.

There is no charge for this, and most companies learn a lot, just by talking to us.

So, don’t wait. ACT NOW

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