How to Get More Business From Your Customer Base


Sales teams tasked with managing and growing existing accounts, and pursuing emerging opportunities, often don’t have the time to spend with smaller customers. We do!

York Consulting is usually known for our work in developing new prospects and new markets. We also help companies grow from within – helping you realize more revenue, yes – the low-hanging fruit, from the smaller customers that don’t get the attention they need.

Let’s look at three areas we can help recover, maintain and grow your smaller customers.

The Inactive Accounts

What did your inactive accounts spend with you per year and what is that gap now that they are no longer buying?

The reason they have gone dormant is usually that they haven’t been contacted in a long time, but you’re not really sure. Maybe they were called on by someone else, or the contact that bought from you has moved on and their replacement didn’t know you were the provider.

We will call them all, find out why they stopped buying from you and how to get them back. We will also update contact info and ensure you’re in touch with the right person.

The Underactive Accounts

If you could get the underactive accounts to add to what they are currently buying then what could the incremental sales add up to?

These customers are buying a few things from you but they could be buying more. For example, they might be buying keyboards and mice, but because they aren’t buying much or often, no one has called to see if they also need monitors, computers, printers, servers or software or networking. You get the idea!

The Add-On Accounts

Could you add-on to the positive experience your customers have with your company? What would that be worth in incremental sales and customer loyalty?

These are usually the customers who have bought some type of system (equipment or software) from you in the past. You’ve developed one or more peripherals or accessories that other customers are very happy with, but this group just does not know what’s available.

Maybe you have a new product or new version by now and they would consider upgrading or a replacement.

You’d like to convert more of them to post warranty service or support plans, but you don’t have the resources to personally reach out.

If you’re having difficulty picking the low-hanging fruit from your smaller accounts, contact York Consulting today. And if you still want new prospects and new markets, we can help you with that too.

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