How to hire good quality sales prospectors

Recently we wrote about 6 important traits a prospector should have. Here we’re going to share with you how we go about hiring people to do prospecting. So, if you are looking for a sales prospector, you may be able to benefit from our experience in hiring sales people who are good at prospecting for new business.

We use a five step process that has allowed us to hire excellent prospectors.

1. The first step is the recruitment process, where we recruit people like most companies do, posting on job boards referrals, and people who send us their resumes. We then review the resumes for their skill set and experience. We rate their experience, especially in B2B lead generation and appointment setting.

2. If we are satisfied with the skill set, and we believe they have the experience we want, the next step is an initial phone call with the candidate. During this call we go into more depth on the experience they list, and we also evaluate their telephone manner and tone.

3. Once we have made that initial call with the candidate, and we are satisfied with the conversation, we ask them to complete an on-line assessment.

4. If the candidate passes the assessment, we set up a full interview with the candidate.

5. The last step is where we give the candidate a script test, or you may know it as a role play. We send the candidate a script. We give them a couple of days to learn and practice the script. Then, the candidate must call us for the role play.

Here is why we use this five-step process.

As you can imagine, we used to run into the same problems everyone has in hiring sales prospectors – high turnover. However, by using this process, especially using the assessment, we have cut our turnover rate by 75%. In fact, the average length of service among our current employees is a little over 7 years.

We have found that the assessment really works well because, as I’m sure you’re aware, some people present very well in an interview, but may not have the aptitude and attitude we need.

We also found, before we started using the assessment, that it is next to impossible to understand motivation and the other traits we need, by simply using interviews.

Let’s have a look at some of the things the assessment examines, and the capabilities it measures that give us a much better report on a candidate’s match for a prospecting role.

The assessment measures the traits we believe make a Good Sales Prospector.

By measuring these traits, it tells us about things such as how they handle rejection, how well they will follow direction, and how good a communicator they are.

The assessment also measures behavioral traits and their impact on the key abilities a candidate needs to be successful in sales prospecting.

These are the top 3 aptitudes the assessment measures for us.

1. Reading a Situation
This shows us which individuals are able to observe and understand the motivation and behaviours of others, as well as the intent toward the business relationship being discussed on a call.

2. Influencing Others
How does this individual control the sales process? How do they influence others to take a desired action?

3. Positive Outlook
How a person looks at life. Does this person think of life as mostly lemons, or does he/she make lemonade out of bad situations.

In all, the assessment measures 20 relevant abilities. Some of the others include the following.

4. What is their Learning Ability?
How quickly do they learn? Do they have the right skills to innovate and adapt? Can they step outside their comfort zone to make changes? How do they react to criticism? How intense are they about their work?

5. Do they have Ambition & Drive?
Are they goal oriented, and do they work through every situation to achieve their goals? Do they have a winning attitude, demonstrated by how reliable they are by following through on commitments. Do they enjoy work, and can they give positive feedback in most situations?

6. Can they Problem Solve & Make Decisive Judgements?
How decisive are they when they make a commitment? Do they follow through with deadlines? Do they have strong problem solving techniques and attitude, by involving everyone who can help with the right decision? Do they make realistic decisions quickly?

7. Are they good at Sales Prospecting, Planning & Organizing
Do they have a structured approach to sales and especially sales prospecting? Are they realistic, and yet still also use their creative imagination to help solve difficult problems? Are they well organized, and do they bring a planned approach to their sales duties?

These are just seven of the twenty characteristics that the assessment gives you.

As it shows you, just because a candidate presents well in an interview doesn’t mean they are the right person for this type of work.

By using this process, the end result for us is;
• We hire better people,
• Turnover is down substantially,
• We can train faster than before,
• All of our new recruits perform better,
• They stay longer than ever before – over a seven year tenure on average.

I want to point out that this is a lot of work, and the people we hire still have to be trained to work in our system, and become not only functional, but also excel at their new career.

The important takeaway here is that we hire excellent sales prospectors, so we can do a better job for you.

However, if you don’t want to go through this process, but still want the results of better prospecting, let us do your prospecting for you.

Cold calling and appointment setting is our business, and we’ve been at it for over 20 years.
• We understand how to get past a gatekeeper and to the right person, and we have learned techniques to do that.
• Most sales people usually don’t make enough calls to reach a contact. It takes an average of 8 calls and easily up to 15 touches to reach someone.
• Because of our past successes, we have found alternative ways to get through to people.
• Through much trial and error, we have found the best voice mail messages to leave, that get people to call us back.
• Our call volume is always much greater than sales representatives because this is our only business.
• We have 20+ years of experience in writing effective scripts.
• Because cold calling is all we do, we keep finding better ways to use it, to give you the results you need.

Let’s face it, most sales people really don’t like cold calling. They would rather engage with their current customers, because they are easier to sell to, and they enjoy speaking with them.

So, what can you do to get new customers, and possibly even get back in touch with past customers, especially during these Covid-19 times?

You can let us make those cold calls for you.

We’ve been doing it for 21 years. So, we’re pretty good at it.

Salesforce has found that response to a calling program is 27 times greater than email.

Are you ready to initiate change for the better?

If so, let us help you with your 2021 sales goals.

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There is no charge for this, and most companies learn a lot, just by talking to us. If you would like to try the assessment yourself, let me know.

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