How We Help the Channel Business Model

We often get inquiries about what types of business models we serve. We serve all types of B2B businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are in a traditional type of business that sells direct to the end user, or if you sell through channels such as Distributor, Reseller, Dealer, VAR, etc. Salesforce states that 75% of worldwide sales are through channels.

There are a number of ways we can help you and your channel partners.

#1. We can help you support your current channel partners. We can generate qualified leads, and then you can send them to your different channel partners, based on your criteria with them, such as size, territory, channel type, etc.

For example, we have worked with a manufacturer of gas station equipment. They have a territory- based network of channel partners providing sales, installation, and service. Leads are generated across the country, then sent to the manufacturer who then loads them into their CRM and forwards the leads to the appropriate channel partner based on territory.

#2. If you are a channel partner selling to the end user, we can work with your distributor or manufacturer to generate qualified leads or set appointments for your sales team. We can also work directly with you, providing you with a program that’s customized for your territory or vertical market.

We work with software companies who have channel partners addressing regional vertical markets. With the support of the software company, we generate leads and set appointments that coordinate with the company’s market strategy, while addressing the specific local and market needs of the channel partner.

#3. Our service qualifies for most companies’ co-op/advertising programs. In B2B, there are not a lot of ways to get to the end-user customer. Trade shows are infrequent. It’s difficult to target your preferred contact with advertising. There are only so many pens, coffee mugs or golf shirts that anyone needs, or wants. Therefore, a lot of co-op funding is unused while companies and channel partners are searching for ways to promote their brand and products.

B2B Lead generation and B2B appointment setting is an effective use of co-op funds, as we carefully target your prime markets and contacts. Perhaps you’re missing out on this, and you don’t have the time or understanding of how to go after this funding. Let us help.

We have worked with a company in the weighing equipment industry. They allocated co-op resources to support channel partners with a national program. Concurrently, some channel partners simultaneously did their own local programs with us, which was also supported by the co-op program.

#4. If you are a manufacturer distributor, perhaps you are looking to add channel partners. We have worked with a distributor of products for heavy industrial applications, servicing some 10 different markets such as transportation, manufacturing, and power generation. They had some gaps in their coverage and were looking to add channel partners.

By vertical and territory, we prepared a list addressing where the gaps were. We called these companies and spoke with management and executive. We introduced our client and discussed their channel model, qualifying the contact as to their market coverage, and qualifying the prospect company to confirm that the minimum stocking level was something that would fit with this new prospective channel partner. For those that qualified and were interested, an initial telephone or Zoom meeting was scheduled.

No matter what type of channel business you have, or serve, if you believe you need more sales resources than you already have, especially if your salespeople are busy with your current clients or channels, then let us help.

We specialize in helping companies prospect for new business with B2B lead generation and appointment setting, and a range of customer and prospect qualification programs.

With all the disruptions you have gone through over the past two years, and with the new ways of doing business, you may need some help navigating your way through all these changes, and that is where we can help you.

New outbound campaigns, B2B lead generation, B2B appointment setting, client outreach, revival of dormant accounts, and expansion, is how we can help you grow, and we’ve been at it for 22 years. 

  1. We understand how to talk to a current client to see if they could be buying more.
  1. We know how to speak with a dormant client that has stopped buying and get them active again.
  1. We can qualify new prospects and help get them into your sales pipeline.
  1. We can help you grow your channel partner business quickly.

Contact us today, and we will get back to you ASAP, to discuss your needs and how we might help you.

There is no charge for this, and most companies learn a lot, just by talking to us.

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