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Are you still relying
on short-term
sales tactics for
long-term sales?

Long Term

York Consulting understands the ups and downs of long sales cycles.

If a sales cycle is measured in years, how can you expect prospects to buy in 60 to 90 days? You’ll be too late. Those prospects will have already made their decisions. And all you’ll get to do is help them justify using the vendors they’ve already chosen.

York Consulting takes time to develop a trusting relationship with your prospects by:

  • Understanding where your prospects are in their buying cycle.
  • Sending them information that’s relevant.
  • Asking them when we can contact them again. We’ll stay in touch until  they want to take action and meet with you.

We won’t push for an outcome and risk alienating them.

When the time is right and their needs mature, then—and only then—will we arrange a meeting with them.

Result: You’ll be in a better position to understand and help specify what they need.

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