Most companies struggle with prospecting – how you can change that!

As a business person, you need new business. You also know that it takes a lot of time to develop the right skills to grow the base. You must either hire people with these skills and train them, or outsource the activity to an experienced company.

Here is a real life example from one of our prospects.

We see this pattern time and time again. We discuss our program with them. They tell us they haven’t yet decided whether to work with us or hire someone. Ultimately they decide to hire someone. We follow up a few months later. They haven’t found anyone yet.

A few months after that, they’ve just hired someone and “he’s doing great”. A few months later still, they’ve just hired someone, and “he’s doing great”. Yes, but when we spoke a few months ago, you had just hired someone, is that right? “Oh, that one. He left”.

Again, several months later…. “He didn’t work out. But we started someone a few weeks ago and he’s doing really well”. How many leads is he getting for you? “Mmmm, maybe one or two a week, I think”. And how are the leads? “I think they’re OK.” Turns out the leads weren’t particularly good, and that third person is no longer with them either.

This story did have a happy ending for them. They did proceed with a lead generation program with us at York, and they told us they are very satisfied with the quantity and quality of the leads.

There are other companies we speak with that persist with the in-house solution, and yet they tell us they never get the leads they need.

But Just like you believe your company offers the best possible solution for your clients and prospects, we are an outsource company and obviously we believe outsourcing is the best way for prospecting. We also know that there are a few companies that decide in-house is better for them, and some of them do get it right.

However, are you prepared to go through this client’s experience, and after more than a year, and after recruiting, hiring, training, and the turnover? The time, the cost, and not enough leads! And will you be one of the people that tells me, “This would never happen here”?

New business development skills are hard to find, and train!

Hiring people with the right sales skills for new business development is difficult as this usually is an entry level position. Very few if any of these people have been trained to do cold calling.

We’ve found that many companies we speak to have told us they hire relatives, friends, friends of friends, students, recent graduates, etc. for this position; people who have no experience in sales and especially new business development.

You tell us your main concerns are control and cost.

Cost comes in because of the recruitment, the training, and the cost of frequent turnover that occurs with this position.

We know this too well, as we’ve been in this business for over 20 years, and we’ve been finding and training business development reps all that time. We also know that turnover is high for this position, because of the difficulty of finding the right people.

Our turnover is very low. On average our people have been with us for more than 6 years because we have discovered how to hire and train the right people for this job.

We understand that you are concerned about losing control of this important part of your business if you outsource.

However, we know that we can actually give you more control by outsourcing to us, because our customers tell us we give them the control they need, to their satisfaction.

How often do you measure and control this part of your business?

We’ve found that very few companies who do cold calling in-house actually measure what their people do when cold calling. These metrics include number of calls, conversations with decision makers, ratio of qualified leads to people not interested, etc. Therefore, they can’t predict what results they get from their cold calling program.

Here’s the control we deliver to you.

    1. A program scope that is planned out with proper timelines and milestones, whether you need B2B Lead Generation, B2B Appointment Setting, revival of dormant accounts, or qualification of web and trade show leads.

    2. We put in all the controls that are needed, based on what you want as your lead generation objectives, including the right script, the right list, the right people.

    3. You get a calling list that includes companies in the markets you need, in your territories, and in your sweet-spot size range.

    4. We use a script that ensures a consistent message with every conversation, delivered only to the relevant decision makers that you specify.

    5. There is strict adherence to qualifying criteria as defined by you. We guarantee that every lead or appointment will meet your qualifying criteria.

    6. Quality control that verifies all company and contact information, that your market intelligence and qualifying questions have been properly documented, and that your company is always professionally represented.

    7. Our management spends time listening to our people’s calls, including live monitoring, and coaching them on how to have better conversations and achieve better results.

    8. We deliver reporting that accounts for every call we make on your behalf.

We can start a campaign for you that will generate a constant flow of qualified prospects that otherwise wouldn’t know you, and therefore wouldn’t buy from you.

You may still believe it costs too much to outsource!

Remember, more than anything, you want results.

And you want results for the best price and timeframe for your business. We will show you how we deliver a lower cost per call, and a lower cost per lead, than what can be done in-house.

From our 20+ years of experience, and working with hundreds of customers, we believe all of this can cost too much to keep inhouse, especially if your reps aren’t trained properly.

And let’s face it, most salespeople are managing existing accounts and don’t have much time at all for cold calling.

So, what can you do to get new customers, and even get back in touch with past customers?

You can let us make those calls for you.

Salesforce has found that response to a calling program is 27 times greater than email.

And while your salespeople are keeping your current clients happy and trying to close deals that are already in the works, we can start a campaign for you that will speak to your prospects that they don’t have the time to call and nurture.

That is what we do best, B2B appointment setting and B2B lead generation for your salespeople, with your prospects.

We guarantee that every lead and appointment will be qualified to your specifications.

We’ve been doing it for over 20 years. So, we’re pretty good at it.

Are you ready to initiate change for the better?

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