Overcoming the Status Quo in B2B selling

Are your sales people struggling to bring in new leads, and spending too much time chasing companies that aren’t going to buy right now?

Multiple research reports show that less than 50% of forecasted sales opportunities are not closing at the time stated, and for the value expected, if they even close at all.

Going further into this research, almost all these losses were because the prospect decided to do nothing. The prospect did not go to a competitor. They remained with the status quo!

These NO DECISIONS are wasting an enormous amount of time for your sales and marketing people.

We believe there are 4 main reasons that companies don’t buy your products or services.

  • They don’t see the value of changing – not enough pain.
  • They feel your solution is too risky.
  • There are other projects taking up the resources needed to fully implement your solution.
  • They say they don’t have the money.

#1 – They don’t see the value of changing – not enough pain.

You must show value when you are working with a prospect, and as importantly, you must get to their pain, to see if they have any right now.

Too many companies don’t really know what their value proposition is. And they don’t know how to get at the pain prospects have. We see companies using trite phrases like these for marketing.

  • You will get better productivity with our solution.
  • We have helped many others get a greater benefit.
  • We listen to what our clients tell us.

And all the other ridiculous statements that mean absolutely nothing to your prospect.

These phrases do not show value, in any way, and certainly do not show you how to get at your customers pain points.

Two things you should try and do to show value, and also get at the pain points are;

  • Show some number, usually a percentage, of the amount of savings, profit, revenue and/or productivity your other customers have gained, by using your products/services. 
  • Work with your prospects, through investigative questioning, what his/her personal reasons and objections are for changing or not changing. Get at that pain.

#2 – They feel your solution is too risky.

Your prospects will usually believe your solution is too risky because they don’t believe you can deliver the results you are promising. Or, if they do believe you can deliver the desired outcomes, it may take too long for their business.

There are a number of ways you can overcome this objection.

You can do one or more of the following;

Have them call one or more of your current clients for a reference. If you do use this tactic, ensure you have the OK of that client, and you have them primed for the call on two points. Ask what they will say about your company and its products/services and ask them what they will say, if your prospect asks them what negatives they may have about your products/services. 

It is also important that you keep your references up-to-date, as most people work at multiple companies in their career.

If it’s a product you sell, you can obviously give them a demo of your product and how they will get the results they want. You need to show them what results they will receive, and show them how that happens.

If you sell a service, it is obviously much more difficult to give a demo. However, you can review any onboarding process, various steps or parts of the service, and possibly involve them in one of those steps to raise their comfort level.

The key here is to expect that the prospect will bring up the risk factor, and you need to ensure you are ready for this. You should also ask them what risks they believe there will be, so you can address each one.

# 3 – Other projects are taking up the resources needed for your solution.

Again, this could be a very valid reason not to proceed at this time.

But before you give up, ensure you understand what these projects are, and what resources they are utilising, and are they the same resources your implementation needs. 

Again, ensure you show the value, and the pain points, this prospect has agreed upon, and confirm that your people will help with the success of your solution.

# 4 – They say they don’t have the money right now.

This may also be the case. However, there could be a few reasons for them saying this.

  • You are talking to the wrong person. You need to have your first meeting with the person that has enough influence to reach into a budget, if he/she thinks the value is there for them to move.
  • They may have tied up all of their money and other resources on another project.
  • Perhaps you do have a product that is very expensive and requires budgeting a year or more out. But for many products and services money is not the problem behind this common status quo stall – you just haven’t yet found out what the real problem is.

Also, many companies are set up with financial institutions to help their customers pay for their products/services with financing or leasing. If you don’t offer such a plan, it may be worthwhile pursuing that option for your customers.

As you can see, there are a number of factors you have to think about, when you are prospecting and talking to a company about your products and services.

However, with the right questioning techniques, and talking with the right person, you will discover these factors early on in the process. Then you know whether you should proceed with them as a prospect; put them on the back burner for a while with regular communication; or realize they will never be a legitimate prospect.

We also run into these issues when we are prospecting for new clients.

They believe their internal sales people are trying to bring in new leads and prospects, even if they are struggling to do so.

Plus, many of our prospects say they rely too much on social media, and other digital marketing for prospecting, and aren’t getting the results they want and need.

We have found that the best and most effective way to get new leads or resurrect old customers, is to reach out to them directly, especially by phone.

And even then, we find that many of our prospects stay with the status quo, because they believe, falsely, that people don’t pick up the phone any more from cold calling.

And yet, their sales people are not brining in enough leads to grow the way they want to grow. 

If this is happening in your company, we’re curious why you haven’t tried us yet?

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  • We understand how to talk to a current customer to see if they could be buying more.
  • We know how to speak with a customer that has stopped buying, and get them active again.
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