The magic of the human voice in marketing & selling

Talking face to face to someone, in marketing & selling, is becoming more prevalent these days.

Despite what seemed like a cultural shift towards dependence on digital marketing for contacting, and engaging with other businesses, the power of the human voice is on the rise once more.

Because of the many technological innovations, over the past few years, more businesses are making calls, rather than simply relying on social media to reach out to prospects and clients.

Recent research by Calabrio (a contact centre management company), shows contact centre call volume up by 39 percent in just the past 18 months.

These trends suggest people are not only re-familiarising themselves with voice, and developing a preference for speaking, rather than typing as a method of communication.

There is no denying it – picking up the phone and speaking to someone is always going to be faster than waiting for a response to a message or email, and easier than having to type a query.

And although AI is starting to creep into our business lives, it isn’t at all a panacea for connecting, and in many cases sends the wrong message. Plus, in the age of artificial intelligence and digital channels, voice contact and a personal human connection is also a powerful way for organisations to differentiate their brand.

As we all know, the human voice is fundamentally much better at communicating tone and emotion than emails or messaging can ever be, allowing you to gage the reactions of the person you’re speaking to, and therefore providing a better solution.

This shift, over the past two years, to remote work and the subsequent drop in face-to-face interactions, has created new ways of communicating with coworkers and customers. With real-life interactions being limited—or sometimes impossible—the phone call has remained the preferred method of communication. It’s immediate, but not intrusive. Convenient, while still being personal. And if you work at home, in your pj’s, nobody knows.

According to Hiya’s (a caller ID and spam blocker app) 5th annual State of the Call report, unveils the top trends and insights for the voice channel. Nearly half of US businesses predict their use of the phone call will increase over the next 12 months.

The beauty of real-time human voice interaction, coupled with the ability to read tone and emotion, allows the caller to react and adapt their approach more easily and much faster.

Your prospects and customers prefer getting phone calls. They like interacting with other people, using the old-fashion method, by talking with them.

People still like the magic that the human voice brings to each interaction with another person.

So what can you accomplish on a phone call that can’t be done by text or digital media.

    1. You get the subtle meanings from the voice that you don’t get through digital media or text.

    2. You can tell by the voice inflections the emotions that the other person is going through.

    3. You can get details ironed out immediately by using the phone, and you move to the next step quicker, and with more precision than you can with other methods of communication.

    4. And you can become more personal with the phone, like asking the other person how they are doing, or how their family is, etc., that you can’t do as easily, if at all, with social media.

    5. In addition, when you send out a poll or questionnaire by email, you usually only get a selective response, even if it’s only a few questions. Plus, many people don’t answer all the questions in the survey. Whereas, when you call them, you get a full response, or you find out why they won’t respond to any question.

Also, from our experience, most companies are not very good at reaching out with the phone, as their best way of contacting potential customers. This happens because most sales people either don’t like cold calling, and generally they aren’t very good at it.

Of course, we use the phone, as we are an outbound call center.

One call from us can give you insights into your prospects’ and customers’ business way above what social media can bring you, because of the magic of the human voice.

We use the phone because we believe that the phone is the most effective way of getting new business, as well as keeping in touch with current and past customers.

And from this article, you can see that most people now prefer to get contacted by phone vs other means. And we can reach a lot of people, in a short timeframe, by using the phone.

More importantly, we can help you get results a lot faster, because we use the phone effectively.

That is why we can help you grow your business successfully.

If your sales force is too busy to keep in touch with current and past customers, and also prospect for new customers, we can do the lead generation and sales appointment setting for you.

As you know, York Consulting helps companies with their outbound marketing campaigns.

Especially with all of the disruptions companies have gone through over the past couple of years, and with some of the new ways of doing business, you may need some help navigating your way through all of these changes, and that is where we can help you.

Outbound campaigns, lead generation, appointment setting, customer outreach, helping your company with revival and expansion is our business, and we’ve been at it for over 20 years.

• We understand how to talk to a current customer to see if they could be buying more.
• We know how to speak with a customer that has stopped buying, and get them active again.
• We can qualify prospects and help get them into your sales pipeline.

So contact us today, and we will get back to you ASAP, to discuss your needs and how we might help you.

There is no charge for this, and most companies learn a lot, just by talking to us.

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