The Year-End Dilemma!

As you move through December, you usually work on two areas of your business.

  1. You work on closing as many deals as you can, to reach or exceed your quotas for the year.
  2. You start planning for next year.

But a third initiative, just as important, often gets overlooked.

Where most B2B companies usually ease up, is developing new business, and keeping in touch with prospects.

Yet, if you don’t keep developing new leads for your business, then you start the new year off on the wrong foot. 

And of course, if you don’t have any leads to start the first of the year, then you’re behind the 8-ball, as it usually takes two to six months to get solid new leads again.

So, most B2B companies focus on closing as much business as possible, with current accounts and prospects, and worry about new prospecting after the new year arrives.

Also, if your sales people do the prospecting, at this time of year, then you may not do the other two year-end initiatives very well. 

Trying to do three things at once, planning, closing client business now, and prospecting, can become overwhelming.

But, what if you have aggressive growth plans for 2020?

And, what if your sales people don’t have enough time to develop new leads, usually because they spend their time with their clients, developing business there.

Another dilemma!

A further problem is that many sales people don’t like doing prospecting.

But their companies push them to keep doing more.

I’m sure you know the routine. If you throw enough, you know what at the wall, something is bound to stick.

What should you do about this dilemma?

Of course, you can go post a bunch of stuff on social media. You can send out more email blasts. But responses coming in, usually take a lot of time, if successful at all!

Or, you can do it the easier way.

Let us do your prospecting for you. Then your sales people can spend their time on your other two year-end initiatives. 

By starting your prospecting now, and setting up appointments for your sales people in the new year, you will have a head start on reaching your numbers in 2020.

That is what we do best. We set up appointments for your sales people with your prospects.

We’ve been doing it for 20 years. So, we’re pretty good at it.

Let us help you get a head start on 2020.

Give us a call, or send us an email, and we will get back to you ASAP, to discuss your needs, and how we might help you.

There is no charge for this, and most companies learn a lot, just by talking to us.

Why not call us now. Our contact information is;

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