Traits the best sales prospectors have

Following on from our last article, where we described 6 cold call tips to make your prospecting more effective immediately, we would like to share with you what we have found effective for finding the best prospectors.

We have found the best sales prospectors (cold callers) have the following 6 traits.

#1. Skills 

Good sales prospectors must have excellent communication skills. All good sales prospectors have the ability to put themselves in their prospect’s shoes. They do this by annunciating well, as well as being an active listener. Active listening refers to a pattern of listening, that keeps you engaged with your conversation partner, in a positive way. When you practice active listening, you make the other person feel heard and valued.

Good sales prospectors are well organized, which includes working independently. They also have good qualifying and closing skills.

#2. Experience

The experience of a good prospector should be in cold calling, and they must also understand sales and marketing, and how they fit together to help clients make the right decision.

Experience in cold calling is a definite asset, as the learning curve can be quite steep. Good experience in setting appointments for themselves, as well as others, is also very helpful.

It isn’t necessary to have experience in a certain industry to become a good prospector in another industry. But this experience can lessen the learning curve.

#3 Attitude

A positive attitude is especially important for cold calling. A prospector will get a lot of rejection; EG: no one answers the phone, doesn’t want to talk, never calls back, etc. So, you need a thick skin to become a good cold calling prospector.

A good prospector is self-reliant, honest, positive, responsible, and always displays a professional attitude. Good prospectors don’t feel that their contact(s) need to like them, in order to buy (set a lead/appt) from them. But they do command respect, because of the professional way they present themselves.

#4 Results Focused

A good prospector always focuses on delivering results, as do all good sales people. This happens because many times they are paid for results. They are good at setting reasonable goals, yet always stretching themselves to achieve even more.

They also have solid work habits, are curious and always willing to learn, and open to new ideas that will help them achieve better results. They have a sense of urgency that pushes them to get immediate results, and react quickly to situations that will give them these results, such as a prospect returning their call.

In order to achieve their best results, good prospectors enjoy competition, and especially winning.

They also develop a systematic calling process that allows them to achieve their results in the optimum timeframe.

The best top prospectors are also good story tellers. They can help their prospects relate to your products and services, by telling stories about how others have succeeded, by utilizing your company’s solutions.

#5 Intelligence

Good sales prospectors are smart. They usually learn new skills quickly, and apply their new skills at every opportunity.

Top prospectors have the ability to think strategically. They have learned how to step back and see the big picture, how the sales process will unfold, and what impact your products and/or services will have on your new client.

They also understand quickly what they don’t know, and will promptly set up time to learn the skills they are lacking.

#6 Discipline

Top prospectors behave in accordance with the best rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control. They have developed excellent self-discipline.

Top prospectors are very disciplined people. They will follow a proven sales process. They know what works, and always follow it to its logical conclusion. But, they are flexible and intelligent enough to know what is not working in certain situations, and quickly and easily adapt to each situation effortlessly.

You also want prospectors that have a positive disposition, with lots of positive energy. You want to have prospectors who are happy with themselves. You want prospectors who greet you cheerily every day, and do it sincerely. This way you will know that they will treat everyone in the same manner.

As you probably realize from reading this, the types of people that are good prospectors are hard to find. We know because we have been finding and training prospectors for over 20 years.

We are good at weeding out people very quickly, because they won’t be able to cut it as a prospector.

So, instead of going through all of that trouble trying to find and train good prospectors, let us do your prospecting for you. 

Cold calling and appointment setting is our business, and we’ve been at it for over 20 years.

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  • Most sales people usually don’t make enough calls to reach a contact. It takes an average of 8 calls and easily up to 15 touches to reach someone.
  • Because of our past successes, we have found alternative ways to get through to people.
  • Through much trial and error, we have found the best voice mail messages to leave, that get people to call us back.
  • Our call volume is always much greater than sales representatives because this is our only business.
  • We have 20+ years of experience in writing effective scripts.
  • Because cold calling is all we do, we keep finding better ways to use it, to give you the results you need.

Let’s face it, most sales people really don’t like cold calling. They would rather engage with their current customers, because they are easier to sell to, and they enjoy speaking with them.

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You can let us make those cold calls for you.

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Salesforce has found that response to a calling program is 27 times greater than email.

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