How to Maximize Your Sales Appointments

Gold fish and fishing hook in bowl

Recently, a new client received his first appointment from us and called to ask me: “I’ve got the meeting, now what do I do?” Believe it or not, I’m asked this question surprisingly often. First, you need to build rapport and familiarity as soon as possible. So break the ice. Don’t dive right into your [ … ]

How much thought have you given to Search Engine Optimization? Social Media? Or Cold Calling?

"The Thinker" thinking about media

I speak with many who wonder whether they should invest in a call center program for cold calling or customer calling, social media (SM) or search engine optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO is most effective when prospects know they want something that you can give them, but aren’t happy with their current provider, [ … ]

Should you leave a voice-mail
message when you cold call?

Ringing phone

It depends. In today’s rush-rush, email-driven business world, voice-mail messages take longer to deal with than emails. That’s why people rarely return unsolicited calls—i.e. cold calls. A voice-mail message takes more work than email: It has to be listened to, noted, and returned. Be honest, when you receive dozens of voice-mail messages in a few [ … ]

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