Make Cold Calling Work for You


How many times have you had to remind your sales reps to complete their cold calling lists? Five times? Ten? Fifty? As a sales leader, it can be highly frustrating needing to stay on top of your team all the time, over what may seem like a straightforward task. You encourage your sales reps on [ … ]

Where Do You Get Your New Business?

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When your sales team has difficulty hitting their targets, where do you look to find the culprit? Stale sales incentives and unqualified hires are easy places to start, but consider the last time you examined your prospecting sources. You may know that your sales reps are regularly acquiring new business, but ask yourself these questions: [ … ]

Can Your Sales Team Consistently Deliver Results?

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No matter how good your sales team is, there is often a problem at the first step of the sales process: prospecting. Although you may be able to motivate your sales team to produce results for a campaign or a promotion, what you want as a sales leader is a consistent, proactive sales team that [ … ]

What’s the Big Difference Between Prospecting and Telemarketing?


The distinction between prospecting and telemarketing is in the quality and purpose of the call.  For example, when you pick up the phone to speak with a prospect, are you giving them your quick elevator pitch or trying to engage them in a professional business conversation? The purpose of the call and desired outcomes are [ … ]

3 Steps to Nurturing Qualified Leads

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As discussed in previous blogs, prospecting is about more than just getting leads. If a lead does not stem from the appropriate target audience for your business, the lead is unqualified. But what happens when you do receive a qualified lead? Are you properly prepared to take it to the next step of the sales [ … ]

Benefits of Outsourcing Prospecting Efforts


Is your investment in lead generation getting you the results you expected? Does your team have the time, dedication, skillset and resources for a demanding lead generation program? If not, you should consider outsourcing your prospecting efforts to a reputable B2B call center. Through client feedback we’ve compiled the top benefits of outsourcing your prospecting [ … ]

Prospecting for the New Business: 3 Keys to Success


Whether you have just started a new business, or have been in business or sales for many years, prospecting clients is where the sales cycle starts.  However, when it comes time to start making those calls, well, it can be a daunting task.  The fear of rejection or not knowing how to start the conversation [ … ]

Top 3 Benefits of a Customer Phone Survey

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A satisfied customer is more likely to remain loyal to your company and recommend your services to their network. But do you know why your clients stay with you or switch to a competitor? Conducting a phone survey is the most efficient and economical way to find out how satisfied your customers are. Here are [ … ]

3 Steps to Leaving a Winning Voicemail

When prospecting over the phone, you can be guided down two paths: a) the person answers and a conversation arises or b) you receive a voicemail. As a prospector, it’s likely your experience revolves more frequently around Path B than Path A. But, this doesn’t mean your prospecting attempt was a failure. In fact, by [ … ]

How to Handle the 3 Most Common Objections During a Prospecting Call


Occasionally when prospecting new leads, you’ll receive objections; some more direct than others. You’re not the only one! Prospecting is all about timing and understanding: objections arise out of impatience, a bad day, or poor scheduling. But it’s important to understand it doesn’t mean the conversation is over. Some forms of objection can be discussed [ … ]

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