4 Ideas for Reactivating Dormant Accounts

Have you ever thought about someone you knew many years ago, and realized that you enjoyed their company, and now wonder what they’re doing? Did you then reach out to them, and after your conversation, you both agreed that you would definitely keep in touch, and most times you end up setting up a time [ … ]

Overcoming the Status Quo in B2B selling

Are your sales people struggling to bring in new leads, and spending too much time chasing companies that aren’t going to buy right now? Multiple research reports show that less than 50% of forecasted sales opportunities are not closing at the time stated, and for the value expected, if they even close at all. Going [ … ]

3 Ways to Sell Your Company’s Value

Many of the companies we speak with these days tell us they are having one of their best years ever. But they’re not sure how they are going to keep it up next year. In addition, senior management are looking to grow next year, not just maintain.  To maintain and grow that momentum, you must [ … ]

5 Sales Ideas For Today’s Reality

Our two senior Directors of Business Development at York Consulting, Davis Elisha and Rich Douglas, talk about how they go about getting business, and how they see the B2B landscape after Covid – we hope we’re finally post Covid. We all realize the B2B sales world has changed significantly since Covid struck. Because we have [ … ]

3 ways to differentiate your company from the competition

You’ll notice I said “the” competition, vs “your” competition in the heading. That’s because many times you won’t know who your competition is, or where they come from. In today’s connected world, your competition is not always direct competition that is easy to find. And, in order to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive world, it is [ … ]

How to sell M-O-R-E. A system for sales growth

When we, at York Consulting, cold-call for our clients, we discover a lot about their markets. When we call our clients’ customers to revive dormant accounts or introduce something new, we often uncover significant opportunities or valuable customers that have gone dormant due to inattention.  While we are baffled that our clients knew nothing about [ … ]

How to hire good quality sales prospectors

Recently we wrote about 6 important traits a prospector should have. Here we’re going to share with you how we go about hiring people to do prospecting. So, if you are looking for a sales prospector, you may be able to benefit from our experience in hiring sales people who are good at prospecting for [ … ]

Traits the best sales prospectors have

Following on from our last article, where we described 6 cold call tips to make your prospecting more effective immediately, we would like to share with you what we have found effective for finding the best prospectors. We have found the best sales prospectors (cold callers) have the following 6 traits. #1. Skills  Good sales [ … ]

6 cold call tips to make your prospecting more effective immediately

We’ve been doing cold call prospecting for our clients for over 20 years, for all kinds of B2B companies, and we’d like to give you some tips about how you too can be successful at prospecting, using cold calling. Here are 6 tips to make your prospecting (cold calling) more effective immediately. 1:  Do your [ … ]

The 3 Why’s of B2B Sales

As you know, whenever you’re selling in the B2B world, you are going to run into objections. The same holds true whenever a vendor contacts you about their products or services. You are going to ask questions of the vendor. So, if we contact you for our services, you would want to ask these three [ … ]

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