Sales Planning For 2019

Looking back at 2018, we celebrate our accomplishments and mark opportunities for improvement. As we look forward to 2019, we determine where the greatest opportunities for growth lie. More often than not, business owners and sales executives want to see significant growth in sales. You may have aggressive sales targets for 2019, but you may [ … ]

How York Consulting Helped Industrial Control Concepts Reach Their Market

When setting his sights on taking his business to the next level, Industrial Control Concepts (ICC) Principal, Alex Alexandrov, was looking to connect with multiple contacts at larger organizations, and facilitate communication with decision-makers. “York Consulting knows the right thing to say to get you in front of the right people. You’re not likely to [ … ]

Checking in With Our Clients: Baker Hughes

At York Consulting, we take pride in the working relationships we form with our clients. Here’s the story of how our lead generation expertise alleviated some of workload from the sales team at Baker Hughes: Baker Hughes is a General Electric company (BHGE) that custom designs and manufactures products for power generation, marine, and industrial [ … ]

But My Niche Business Is too Technical for You to Help Us

As an expert on your business’s specialized products and services, you may feel that a Business-to-Business (B2B) call center wouldn’t be able to understand or accurately convey valuable information to your tech-savvy customers or other niche markets. At York Consulting, we have actually heard many businesses express these and similar concerns regarding the complexities of [ … ]

The Financial Benefit of Using a Business-to-Business Call Center

Have you ever considered using a Business-to-Business (B2B) call center to outsource your prospecting calls, but talked yourself out of it because you think your sales reps do it in-house at less cost? What if we told you that by outsourcing your calls to a B2B call center, you’d actually be saving money?  As an [ … ]

Quantity Calls Vs. Quality Calls

When you work in sales, it’s nearly impossible to go about your day without constantly thinking about the numbers. Should your sales reps invest their valuable time on in-depth calls, or focus on calling as many prospects as possible?  The answer is that you should have a strategy for both: call as many prospects as [ … ]

What Are You Doing to Wake Up Your Dormant Accounts?

  Clients can come and go for any number of reasons: exhausted budgets, lack of resources, or poor CRM tracking, to name a few. When was the last time you checked in on your dormant accounts? Do you know exactly why they stopped conducting business with you and if they are likely to work with [ … ]

What is Your ROI on Sales Prospecting Calls?

When you invest time and money to establish a sales call process with your sales team, the expectation is that it will be effective and produce results. But does it really? You may see your sales reps making calls, and they may even be scheduling a decent number of appointments, but what is the exact [ … ]

Make Cold Calling Work for You

How many times have you had to remind your sales reps to complete their cold calling lists? Five times? Ten? Fifty? As a sales leader, it can be highly frustrating needing to stay on top of your team all the time, over what may seem like a straightforward task. You encourage your sales reps on [ … ]

Where Do You Get Your New Business?

When your sales team has difficulty hitting their targets, where do you look to find the culprit? Stale sales incentives and unqualified hires are easy places to start, but consider the last time you examined your prospecting sources. You may know that your sales reps are regularly acquiring new business, but ask yourself these questions: [ … ]

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